Innovative solutions adoption in our projects

ROSPROJECT CJSC carries out various all-in projects in the field of electric power industry, including extra complicated and unique ones.  In the course of implementation of projects ROSPROJECT CJSC, basing on its substantial experience, makes use of miscellaneous progressive innovative technologies, which corresponds to present-day reality to the full extent.    Complete listing will take excessive time. Let us just name some of them:

  • Application of superconductive cables and cross-linked PE insulated cables;
  • Application of superconductive energy storages;
  • Application of leading-in cables with SF6 and solid insulation;
  • Engineering of gas-filled power lines;
  • Application of solid-state static reactive-power compensators;
  • Application of controlled series compensation units for aerial power lines 500 and 750 kW;
  • Application of phase shifting units with nominal voltage of 500, 330 and 220 kW;
  • Application of blastproof and fireproof high voltage equipment;
  • Application of SF6-insulated switchgear/control gear with optical instrument transformers and process bus facilitating utilization within computer-aided (digital) substations;
  • Application of converter equipment to create advanced power transmissions and direct current links, including new types of filter-compensating units and active harmonic filtering units;
  • Application of active filters (AF);
  • Application of controlled shunt reactors of various types (CSR, CSRT);
  • Application of reactive power sources based on CSR and CSRT;
  • Applications of various short circuit current limiters;
  • Application of optical current and voltage transformers, etc.

The main challenges that are met in the course of implementation of innovative power system engineering technologies are as follows:

  • Upgrading of power line transmission capacity;
  • Reduction of power loss in electrical power networks;
  • Controlling voltage in electrical power networks;
  • Limitation of short circuit currents;
  • Maintaining balance and stability of electric-power transmission;
  • Enhancing reliability and stability of electric-power supply for consumers;
  • Enhancing reliability, safety and efficiency of UNPG.

All these goals are in maximum conformity with strategic objectives of energy sector and, thus, with its demands. To ensure that technological innovations are efficiently implemented in engineering design practice ROSPROJECT CJSC embodies successfully functioning Science and engineering council including among others 7 doctors of engineering science and 6 candidates of engineering science.

Summing up what has been said, ROSPROJECT CJSC is willing to offer individual approach both to power distribution and power generating companies to ensure maximum service reliability, while maintaining expenses at a minimum level.